How To Prepare / Study For Entrance Exams – TIPS

How To Prepare / Study For Entrance Exams - TIPS

In this competitive scenario, getting into a premier institution is not a easy task. Apart from securing high grade in Board Exams, excelling in Entrance Exam is very much essential to pursue your higher studies in your dream institution. Just by memorizing the content of textbooks without understanding the concept will not help you in Entrance Exams like JEE & NEET.

Cracking an Entrance Exam requires a lot of hard work along with Smart work. Here are few Tips and Tricks to prepare for Entrance Exams. The list is not exhaustive and only includes some of the proven methods followed by many toppers.

Tips & Tricks For Cracking The Entrance Exams:

Thorough the Syllabus
Exams like NEET, JEE, BITSAT, AIIMS and JIPMER have slightly different syllabus. Studying according to the syllabus is the best practice for excelling in these Entrance Exams. Many students over enthusiastically study irrelevant topics and waste their precious time and energy. Always read the syllabus line by line and prepare in accordance with it.

Create a Proper Study Plan
Once you thorough the syllabus, make a suitable and realistic study plan. Analyse the syllabus and devote more time for difficult topics. Use shortcuts for remembering formulas and values. Understand the basic concept and study the topic. Always work out mathematical problems. Take hints of important points for quick reference. Follow proper Sleep cycle and avoid sleeping while studying.

Refer Fewer and Quality Books
Normally we tend to buy all the books we come across, but we seldom read them. It is always better to consult your School teacher or your coaching center and buy books from reputed Author cum publisher. Fewer the books, fewer the confusion. This will also help in concentrating the topic in depth, instead of wasting the your valuable time on reading all the books.

Create a Good Study Ambiance
Find a suitable place free of all distractions to study. Have a light meal and sit straight in a chair with a table in front for studying. Always switch on all the lights to keep the room bright and never sit directly under a fan.

Master Time Management
Time management is the key to excel in Entrance Exams. Divide the duration of examination with the number of Sections/Questions and try to complete each Section/Question within the stipulated time. Do not waste your time on re-working your solution without answering all the questions. If you feel some questions may take more time to solve, try solving them at the end. Wear a wrist watch and keep track of the time remaining and the number of questions to be answered.

Practice Mock Tests and Model Papers
Practice makes a man perfect, this is also applicable in examinations too. Allocate maximum time for practice by taking mock test and solving sample question papers. This will also reduce your anxiety and improve your speed of answering the questions accurately. Try to solve the model question paper within the stipulated time and find out the section which requires more attention. Practice! this is the key to success.

Group study
Studying in a group will help you learn faster. You can clear your doubts and save your valuable time puzzling over the difficulty. It also provides an opportunity to explore and approach a solution with a different viewpoint. But remember, group study can help you grow or can pull you down depending on its members and environment. So always be cautious in selecting a group.

Plan Your Action
Read the question paper carefully and don’t assume the question without reading them completely. Prepare shortcuts for remembering formulas and values whenever possible. Answer the questions with confidence and waste no time on difficult questions. If the Exam has negative marking, don’t risk your marks by guessing the answer. Sometimes its better to leave the question unanswered rather then losing the marks. Refer the hints taken while studying before the Exam.

Solve Previous Year Papers
After you complete your preparation and you are confident, try solving the previous year question papers. These will help you in assessing your level of preparation. Solving previous year papers will help you in evaluating your speed, accuracy and time management. Solve the previous year papers by simulating the ambiance of Exam like using table & Chair and adhering to the time slot of the actual Exam.

Other Important Tips

  • Don’t have heavy meal before the Exam.
  • Avoid Fried and Junk foods, eat more fresh fruits and vegetables.
  • Turn off your Mobile/Tablet during preparation.
  • Exercise daily and sleep well.
  • Have a short break between two subjects.
  • And finally Relax and have a positive attitude.

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