CBSE Scraps PSA Exam for Class-9 & Class-11 from the session 2015-16

The Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE) has decided to scrap the Problem Solving Assessment (PSA) test from the 2015-2016 academic year for Class-9 and Class-11. The PSA exam was introduced during the academic year 2013 and was aimed at assessing the ability of the student to understand and process information, which in turn helps to develop their research and analytical skills.

The board has also advised the schools to conduct formative assessment (FA-4) for the students of class IX who could not attend assessment or are desirous of improving earlier scores and upload best of their scores (out of PSA or FA4) on CBSE website.

The move has invited mixed review amoung teachers and educationalist. Many teachers feel that PSA has burdened students. They also add that the students now they feel revealed and can concentrate on academics. On the other side some are unhappy about this move by the board, they feel that PSA is a good method to test the ability of the students and help them in preparing for the competitive world.

Since the Problem Solving Assessment (PSA) test has been scrapped, students and teachers heave a sigh of relief.

Click here CBSE circular

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