CBSE Class 9 English Language And Literature Syllabus 2016-17 (Term 1 & 2)

General Objectives:

  • to build greater confidence and proficiency in oral and written communication
  • to develop the ability and knowledge required in order to engage in independent reflection and inquiry
  • to use appropriate English to communicate in various social settings
  • equip learners with essential language skills to question and to articulate their point of view
  • to build competence in the different registers of English
  • to develop sensitivity to, and appreciation of, other varieties of English, Indian English, and the culture they reflect
  • to enable the learner to access knowledge and information through reference skills (consulting a dictionary / thesaurus, library, internet, etc.)
  • to develop curiosity and creativity through extensive reading
  • to facilitate self-learning to enable them to become independent learners
  • to review, organise and edit their own work and work done by peers

At the end of this stage, learners will be able to do the following:

  • give a brief oral description of events / incidents of topical interest
  • retell the contents of authentic audio texts (weather reports, public announcements, simple advertisements, short interviews, etc.)
  • participate in conversations, discussions, etc., on topics of mutual interest in non-classroom situations
  • narrate the story depicted pictorially or in any other non-verbal mode
  • respond in writing to business letters, official communications
  • read and identify the main points / significant details of texts like scripts of audio-video interviews, discussions, debates, etc.
  • write without prior preparation on a given topic and be able to defend or explain the position taken / views expressed in the form of article, speech, or a debate
  • write a summary of short lectures on familiar topics by making / taking notes
  • write an assessment of different points of view expressed in a discussion / debate
  • read poems effectively (with proper rhythm and intonation)
  • transcode information from a graph / chart to a description / report and write a dialogue, short story or report

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