CBSE Class 12 Mass Media Studies Syllabus 2016-17


In the last two decades changes of phenomenal proportion have occurred in the field of Mass Media Studies. Mass media has taken a quantum leap forward in terms of scale content and convergence. The media experience is an important part of globalization and civil society. The media has become an indispensable part of life at the national and local level. It has become an important factor in shaping young minds.


  • Introduction to the comprehensive understanding of mass media viz, Film, T.V., Print, Radio and New Media.
  • To study the Evolution of Mass Media
  • To understand how the content and presentation of mass media shapes our thoughts, vision, ethics and action
  • Analysis of the ways in which content is created in media
  • To understand creative and technical processes involved in newsprint, radio, television production, filmmaking and the Internet
  • Introduction to the organization of media and entertainment industries – the financial and commercial
  • To delineate the roles and responsibilities of creative, technical and administrative people in media
  • To familiarize with the career options in media and entertainment industry
  • To analyze the vital importance of mass media in the functioning of a secular, liberal, democracy like India
  • To understand the convergence of mass media as the futuristic trend opening up more and more exciting career and creative opportunities

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