CBSE Class 11 Syllabus 2016-17

Committees of Courses of various subjects offered by the Board annually review the curricula of their respective subjects. It is, therefore, obligatory for the schools and the students preparing for the Board’s Examination for a particular year to follow the syllabi, courses and the books prescribed by it for that year. No deviation from the prescribed ones is permissible. Schools should also take note of the circulars, which announce modifications from time to time and are available on the academic website of CBSE Board.



General Conditions:

  1. The Scheme of Examinations and Pass Criteria for All India/Delhi Senior School Certificate Examination conducted by the Board shall be as laid down from time to time.
  2. Class XI examination shall be conducted by the schools themselves.
  3. The Board will conduct the external examinations at the end of Class XII.
  4. Class XII examination will be based on the syllabi as prescribed by the Board for Class XII from time to time.
  5. Number of papers, duration of examination and marks for each subject/paper will be as specified in the curriculum for the year.
  6. The examination would be conducted in theory as well as in practical examination, depending upon the nature of the subject(s) and the marks/grades allotted shall be as prescribed in the curriculum.
  7.  Marks/grades shall be awarded for individual subjects and the aggregate marks shall not be given.



  1. Assessment of theory/practical papers in external subjects shall be in numerical scores. In addition to
    numerical scores, the Board shall indicate grades in the mark sheets issued to the candidates in case of subjects of external examinations. In case of internal assessment subjects, only grades shall be shown.
  2. Letter grades on a nine-point scale shall be used.
  3. The grades shall be derived from scores in case of subjects of external examination. In case of subjects of internal assessment, the schools shall award these grades.
  4. The qualifying marks in each subject of external examination shall be 33%. However, in a subject
    involving practical work, a candidate must obtain 33% marks in the theory and 33% marks in the practical separately in addition to 33% marks in aggregate, in order to qualify in that subject.
  5. For awarding the grades, the Board shall put all the passed students in a rank order and will award grades as follows:
    A-1 Top 1/8th of the passed candidates
    A-2 Next 1/8th of the passed candidates
    B-1 Next 1/8th of the passed candidates
    B-2 Next 1/8th of the passed candidates
    C-1 Next 1/8th of the passed candidates
    C-2 Next 1/8th of the passed candidates
    D-1 Next 1/8th of the passed candidates
    D-2 Next 1/8th of the passed candidates
    E Failed candidates



1001English Elective NCERT
2101English Elective CBSE
3301English Core
4302Hindi Aadhar
5002Hindi Aichchik
11046Engineering Graphics
12064Home Science
14083Computer Science
15065Informatics Practices
16067Multimedia and Web Technology
18054Business Studies
22028Political Science
27069Creative Writing and Translation Studies
28048Physical Education
29049Fine Arts – Painting
30050Fine Arts – Graphics
31051Fine Arts – Sculpture
32052Fine Arts – Applied Art-Commercial Art
33053Fashion Studies
34070Heritage Craft
35071Graphic Design
36072Mass Media Studies
37073Knowledge Traditions and Practices of India
38074Legal Studies
39075Human Rights and Gender Studies
40076National Cadet Corps (NCC)
41078Theatre Studies
42079Library And Information Science


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