CBSE Class 11 Graphic Design Syllabus 2016-17


Graphic Design is the creative planning and execution of visual communication. One learns to create a combination of shapes and forms, words and images, in order to reproduce them on some flat surface (two dimensional – paper, cardboard, cloth, plastic, video, computer, or projection screen, on poster, billboard, or other signage) or in a three-dimensional form (fabricated or manufactured) in order to convey information to a targeted audience. All graphic designs has a purpose or function. Usually its purpose is commercial to explain aesthetically something – to express, inform and influence the thoughts and actions of its audience.

This subject introduces the student to the art intended to communicate information for advertising. The focus is on studying and using layout and design concepts used in the graphic design field. The students will employ both analog media (drawing with pencil and paper, etc.) and digital media – using up-to-date computer tools (graphics hardware and software – for drawing, painting, layout, typography, scanning, and photography).

  1. Creating Art: Students know and apply the arts disciplines, techniques and processes to communicate the original or interpretive work.
  2. Art in Context: Students demonstrate how elements of time and place influence the visual characteristics, content, purpose and message of words of art.
  3. Art as Inquiry: Students demonstrate how the arts reveal universal concepts and themes. Students reflect upon and assess the characteristics and merits of their work and the work of others.

Graphic Design at senior secondary stage is an elective subject. Although there are no prerequisite qualifications for the subject the students should demonstrate basic skill and interest in the fields of art and design to opt this subject.

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