CBSE Class 11 English Elective CBSE Syllabus 2016-17

Aims and Objectives of the Course

The revised English Elective CBSE, integrated with occupational English, for Classes XI and XII, highlights the CBSE’s approach to language training within an academic and professional context. The content emphasizes literary appreciation along with language competencies and effective workplace communicative skills. Therefore, the comprehensive English curriculum will enable students opting for English Elective CBSE to understand and use significantly complex language in the contexts of higher studies or employment. English language skills are a vital key to success. These skills are valued by employers and further education and are a platform on which to build other employability skills. Better English skills can mean a better future.

According to NCF 2005: The language environment of disadvantaged learners needs to be enriched by developing schools into community learning centres. A variety of successful innovations exists whose generalizability needs exploration and encouragement. Approaches and methods need not be exclusive but may be mutually supportive within a broad cognitive philosophy. Higher-order skills (including literary appreciation and role of language in gendering) can be developed once fundamental competencies are ensured.

Further, according to NCF 2005 a set of work-related generic competencies (basic, interpersonal and systemic) could be pursued at all stages of education. This includes critical thinking, transfer of learning, creativity, communication skills, aesthetics, work motivation, work ethics of collaborative functioning, and entrepreneurship-cum-social accountability.

Indeed, today’s job market, offering employment, for example, in hotels, hospitals, construction, or manufacturing, welcomes workers with specific occupational skills, and, more importantly, the ability to understand and interact orally, to fill out job applications, and to use manuals or catalogues, successful participation in training programmes, in specialized forms of English. Then, again, at the managerial level, increasingly a proficient command of English is necessary to interact efficiently and appropriately with English-speaking colleagues, clients, customers or employees; and, for students, it will be the achievement of a higher level of competency in the global language, for their higher academic pursuits in India and abroad.

English Elective CBSE for classes XI and XII, includes reading, writing, listening and speaking, grammar and vocabulary and literary appreciation which will cover the various areas through a variety of themes offered in the course materials. The curriculum developers have analysed work tasks and communicative goals in order to break them into discrete units for which interactive, research-oriented and collaborative learning activities have been prepared to develop their literary appreciation speaking, listening, reading and writing skills.

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