CBSE Class 11 Engineering Graphics Syllabus 2016-17

The subject of ‘Engineering Graphics’ has become an indispensable tool for Engineers, Technocrats, Architects, Draftsmen, Surveyors, Designers and many others professionals in the recent times. Understanding of its fundamental principles and wider applications of the same in the above fields and many other daily life situations form the basis for the syllabus at Senior Secondary Stage.


The study of the subject of Engineering Graphics at Senior School Level aims at helping the learner to:

  • develop clear concept and perception of form, proportion and purpose.
  • develop the skill of expressing three-dimensional and two-dimensional objects into professional language and vice versa.
  • acquire the ability to readily draw neat sketches, often needed in “On-job situations”
  • develop a clear understanding of plane and solid Geometry and machine drawing so as to apply the same in relevant practical fields such as technology and industry.
  • acquire speed and accuracy in use of drawing instruments.
  • Using technology (CAD) in developing isometric and orthographics projections of simple objects.



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