B.A.M.S. (Bachelor of Ayurvedic Medicine and Surgery) – Course Details, Duration, Fees & Career Options

BAMS Ayurveda

B.A.M.S. (Bachelor of Ayurvedic Medicine and Surgery) is an undergraduate program in Indian Alternative Medicine, which integrates modern medicine and traditional Ayurveda. The name Ayurveda is derived from Sanskrit terms Aayush – Life & Veda – Knowledge. Ayurveda medicine is considered pseudo-scientific and is based on three elemental substances (the doshas) called – Vata (Wind – air & space), Pitta (Bile – fire & water) and Kapha (Phlegm – water & earth). The balance of these doshas results in health, while imbalance results in disease.

Students who aspire to become a Doctor, but are not able to secure a M.B.B.S. seat would generally prefer B.D.S., B.H.M.S., B.A.M.S., B.U.M.S., B.S.M.S., or B.N.Y.S. The duration of B.A.M.S. course in India is 5.5 years with 4.5 years of classroom study and ONE year compulsory internship. On completion of the program, students are eligible to prefix “Dr.” before their name and to be called as a Doctor. BHMS course is governed by the Central Council of Indian Medicine (CCIM), which is the statutory apex body working under the Ministry of Health and Family Welfare, Department of AYUSH.


Eligibility for B.A.M.S.

The minimum eligibility for securing admission to BAMS program is clearing HSC(10+2) or equivalent examination with at least 50% marks in Physics, Chemistry, Biology and English from a recognized board. According to the latest notification issued by Ministry of AYUSH, admission to BHMS, BAMS and BUMS will be based on NEET scores. Hence students should also clear NEET (UG) conducted by CBSE for admission to BAMS.


B.A.M.S. Course Fee in India

The Course Fee for BAMS vary with Institutions. The Fee in Central/State Govt. Funded Institutions are heavily subsidised and may cost you around Rs.5000 to Rs. 10,000 per Annum. The course fee in other institutions under All India Quota may cost you anywhere between Rs. 50,000 to Rs.2 lakhs annually. The course fee in Private Medical Colleges & Universities are not defined, it can be anywhere around Rs.2 to Rs.5 lakhs per Annum.


Top TEN Medical Colleges for B.A.M.S.

  • Rajiv Gandhi University of Health Sciences, Bangalore
  • Shri Dhanwantri Ayurvedic College, Chandigarh
  • State Ayurvedic College of Lucknow, Lucknow
  • Gujarat Ayurved University, Jamnagar
  • JB Roy State Medical College, Kolkata
  • Ayurvedic Medical College, Kolhapur
  • Shri Ayurveda Mahavidyalaya, Nagpur
  • Rishikul Government PG Ayurvedic College & Hospital, Haridwar
  • Asthang Ayurveda College, Indore
  • Dayanand Ayurvedic College, Jalandhar


Syllabus / Subjects in B.A.M.S.

The B.A.M.S. program train students to acquire knowledge and skills for diagnosing and treating many diseases affecting Humans through Ayurvedic remedies

  • Padartha Vigyan evam Ayurveda Itihas
  • Sanskrit
  • Kriya Sharir (Physiology)
  • Rachana Sharir (Anatomy)
  • Maulik Siddhant evam Ashtanga Hridaya (Sutra Sthan)
  • Dravyaguna Vigyan (Pharmacology and Materia Medica)
  • Rasashastra – Bhaishajya Kalpana (Pharmaceutical Sciences)
  • Agdaa tantra vyavahar ayurved evam vidhi vaidyaka (Toxicology and Medical Jurisprudence)
  • Charak – Purvardha
  • Roga Nidhan vikriti vigyan (Pathology & Microbiology)
  • Charak samhita – Uttarardha
  • Swastha vritta & Yoga (Preventive & Social Medicine & Yoga)
  • Prasuthi & Striroga (Gynecology & Obstetrics)
  • Bal roga (Paediatrics)
  • Shalya Tantra (General Surgery)
  • Shalakya Tantra (Diseases of head & neck including ophthalmology, ENT and dentistry)
  • Kayachikitsa (Internal Medicine – including Manas roga, Rasayan & Vajikarana)
  • Panchakarma
  • Research Methodology & Medical Statistics


Post Graduation after B.A.M.S.

  • M.D. in Ayurvedic Sidhanta (Fundamental Principals of Ayurveda)
  • M.D. in Ayurved Samhita ( Treatise of Ayurveda)
  • M.D. in Rachna Sharira ( Anatomy)
  • M.D. in Kriya Sharira (Physiology)
  • M.D. in Dravya Guna Vigyan ( Materia Medica & Pharmacology)
  • M.D. in Ras- ShastraBhaishajya Kalpana ( Pharmaceuticals)
  • M.D. in Kumar Bharitya ( Paediatrics)
  • M.D. in Prasuti Tantra (Obstetrics & Gynaecology)
  • M.D. in Swasth Vrita (Social of Preventive Medicine)
  • M.D. in Kayachikitsa (Internal Medicine)
  • M.D. in Rog Nidan ( Pathology)
  • M.D. in Shalya Tantra ( Surgery)
  • M.D. in Shalkya Tantra ( Eye & ENT )
  • M.D. in Mano Roga ( Psychiatry)
  • M.D. in Panchkarma (Detoxification of body)

Apart from Medical field, BAMS graduates can also pursue

  • MBA in Ayurveda Pharmacy
  • MBA in Hospital Management
  • MBA in Health Care Management
  • MBA in Medicinal Marketing
  • Masters in Health Administration(MHA)
  • Masters in Public Health


Career Options after B.A.M.S.

  • Start your own Clinic
  • Lecturer in any Ayurvedic Medical College
  • Government Ayurvedic Doctor in Government hospital
  • Ayurvedic Doctor in Private hospital
  • Hospital Management / Administration (After MBA in Hospital Management)
  • Clinical Research field
  • Medical Officer
  • Medical consultant

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